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Cryptocurrency in 
your company’s 401(k) can give you a competitive edge. Learn how.

60% of American workers want access to digital assets in their 401(k)s, but these plans have so far been limited to traditional investments. That's about to change.

In ForUsAll’s new white paper, you’ll learn about cryptocurrency, and find out how businesses and employees can benefit from a 401(k) with more investment options. You’ll discover:


ForUsAll is

on a mission

We’re dedicated to helping your employees grow their retirement savings, and to saving you time in the process. Built for small and medium-sized businesses, ForUsAll handles all the details for you - including plan administration, compliance, investment management, employee communications, and advisory services.

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$1.7 Billion

We’re here to unlock the $7 Trillion dollars in retirement funds across America, and while we already manage more than $1.6 billion, we’re just getting started.

65,000+ Participants

We help Americans from every age group and every walk of life manage their financial future. With Alt401(k), you have a team of personal financial advisors at your fingertips.

Decades of Experience

Our company was founded in 2012 by the same team that helped build Edelman Financial Engines, the largest registered investment advisor in the country.

I love that ForUsAll fully integrates with our payroll provider, making enrollment a snap for our employees. Their portal is easy to navigate and their Customer Support team is quick to respond.

– Melissa, Director of Operations | Queen Consulting Group

Expert Guidance

Our clear, engaging communications let your employees know what to do and when. And our award-winning virtual advisor Dave provides interactive guidance in English and Spanish.

Audit coverage + $5 million guarantee 4

Our $5M professional liability insurance policy keep you covered, regardless of your plan size. And our annual reporting services mean you’re always audit-ready.

Peace of Mind

Save time by letting us handle payroll integrations and plan administration. Our automated maintenance will find and correct errors before they cause problems.

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We automate daily plan administration and provide high-touch support and guidance to your employees. From payroll integration and onboarding, to taking fiduciary 3(16) and 3(38) responsibility for your plan, our end-to-end solution makes your retirement plan easier than ever.

Let us run your plan, so you can run your business. 


Unlock the 401(k)

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1. ForUsAll plan fees on LT Trust recordkeeper as compared to the 401(k) Book of Averages from 2018, 19th edition. Actual plan savings may vary and could be less than 43%. 2. Results represent clients following ForUsAll best practices, as of Dec. 2021. Results are averaged, and do not reflect or guarantee rates at individual companies.  
3. Savings forecast is based on the Department of Labor Lifetime Income calculator, assuming a $60k annual salary and a 30 year horizon. Investment performance is not guaranteed. 
4. ForUsAll carries $5M in professional liability insurance coverage that covers our ERISA fiduciary services. 

Expanding 401(k) options with Cryptocurrency white paper download.

  • How crypto’s demand is growing among institutional and everyday investors
  • The investment case for crypto in a 401(k)
  • How crypto in a 401(k) can boost recruiting, retention, and plan participation