The 401(k) Shopping Checklist: What to Ask When Evaluating Retirement Plan Providers


Download the 401(k) Shopping Checklist: What to Ask When Evaluating Providers

When evaluating 401(k) providers, proper due diligence is key. This guide will walk you through the top questions CFOs, HR executives, and benefits teams use in their retirement plan evaluation process. Use it to compare providers based on the 5 elements critical to every plan:

  • Cost: Keep both administrative & individual investment fees in check
  • Employee Experience: Help employees take advantage & engage
  • Investment Selection: Offer low-fee options like target date funds
  • Administrative Support: Automate day-to-day 401(k) administration
  • Compliance Liability: Ensure your plan meets DOL & IRS requirements

Whether you're curious how your current plan stacks up or actively evaluating new providers, the checklist will keep you organized. Complete the form above to get it instantly, or click below to learn more about ForUsAll's technology enabled 401(k) advisory for small and medium sized businesses.

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Download the 401(k) Provider Evaluation Checklist:

Download the checklist to compare fees and services of the top low-cost 401(k) providers today.


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