Profit Sharing Retirement Plans: The Right Benefit For Your Firm?

Download the Profit Sharing Handbook: A Guide to Profit Sharing Plans for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Profit Sharing plans are one of the fastest growing retirement benefits in America becuase of the tax advantages and flexibility they offer business leaders. But is it the right move for your firm? If you're looking to maximize your annual tax-deferred retirement savings--well beyond the $34,000/year maximum allowed under a traditional 401(k)--and better align employee compensation with company performance, profit sharing is a great option.

Get the comprehensive Profit Sharing Handbook to learn more! Inside you'll read about:

  • How profit sharing can work with your existing 401(k)
  • Contribution limits and plan design options
  • The work required to administer the plan
  • Other key factors when considering profit sharing

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Download the Profit Sharing Handbook:


Use the free handbook to learn all about profit sharing, how it can work with your existing 401(k), and if it's the right strategy for your company.


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