The 401(k) Fee Evaluation Worksheet: Calculate Your Fees And Compare

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Shopping for a 401(k) provider that everyone on your team loves can be dizzying. But the one thing you can all agree on is wanting to keep fees low and fair.

As a rule of thumb, total asset-based fees (including all administrative, recordkeeping, and advisory services, as well as average fund fees) should be no more than .75%. If you and your employees are paying more, it's time to ask why and investigate further!

Start with this fee comparison worksheet to determine what providers charge for each specific service. Use it to assess what you're currently paying and to quickly evaluate and eliminate providers that aren't forthcoming with what they charge (giant red flag). The worksheet will also help you to:

  • Identify a provider's hidden commissions or kickbacks
  • Determine plan administration fees including the cost of supporting loans, amending the plan, & moving assets from one plan to another
  • Evaluate fee transparency and benchmark against the average

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Evaluate Your Fees

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