401(k) Benchmarking Guide: Evaluate Your Retirement Plan

Average 401(k) fees have dropped precipitously as new regulations and technology force traditional providers to compete. Are you and your employees paying too much? 
Download the 401(k) Shopping Checklist: What to Ask When Evaluating Providers

Periodically benchmarking your company retirement plan is important to ensuring its compliance, value, and impact -- but it's hard to know where to begin. We created the 401(k) Benchmarking Guide to help you compare your fees and determine what to ask when evaluating providers. Get it to better assess the five key elements found in every successful 401(k):

  • Low Cost: Keep both administrative and investment fees in check
  • Employee Experience: Helps employees take advantage & save more
  • Investment Help: Offers low-fee options like target date funds
  • Administrative Work: Limits day-to-day 401(k) administration
  • Compliance: Ensures your plan meets DOL and IRS requirements​


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Download the guide to help benchmark your fees, compare providers, and evaluate your plan.


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